Feb 8, 2011

Referral Commission Back : from 50% to 100%

I give you back from 50%  up to  100% of any referral commission that i can get from a hyip.
Look for an exact RCB offer using  links 'More Details & Forums & Monitors , etc....'  for each program.

In order to receive RCB you should do the following:

1. Select any program from My Portfolio
2. Sign up using my link
3. Make a deposit.
4. Send me a request using a form below.
    JavaScript should be enabled for a correct form work.

RCB Request:

Program Name:  

Username or ID: 
Invested Amount:

Deposit Date (MM-DD-YY): --

E-currency processor:            

E-currency Account Number:

Your E-mail Address:             

Additional Notice (optional):

*Please , verify that entered data are correct before submit*

I will pay RCB directly to your LibertyReserve (or PerfectMoney, or AlertPay, etc.) account as soon as i will have withdrawn this referral commission from a program .